Crypto trading


A new dimension of trading

Now, with MarketsTrades, you can trade cryptocurrencies in a fast, secure, and hassle-free way. Our crypto trading doesn’t require technical knowledge or installation of virtual wallets. Just use our responsive web trader or download the MarketsTrades app for Android or iOS and start trading.

Crypto Trading at your fingertips

Benefit from free real-time quotes and charts on your desktop, mobile or tablet trading platform.

Advanced Charting Tools

Advanced and intuitive trading platform with free professional charting tools available on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms!

Unlimited Demo Account

It takes just a few minutes! Practice risk-free trading strategies with real-time quotes and charts on our demo account.

Risk Management Tools

Use crypto trading to potentially optimize your trading performance by marking your desired thresholds (Stop Loss, Take Profit, etc)

Secure Trading Platform

Unlike the real crypto trading, here you are only speculating on the value of the cryptocurrencies, therefore you are immune to cybercrime, scams and other hazards.

We Support PayPal

Deposit money with PayPal and start trading. You can also use credit cards, wire transfers and more.

Introduced in 2009
Most popular digital currency

It has a market capitalisation of around $246 billion

Introduced in 2015
Sophisticated cryptography technology
It has a market capitalisation of around $116 billion
Introduced in 2012
Fastest digital asset and allows payments globally
It has a market capitalisation of around $75 billion
Introduced in 2011
Faster block generation rate than Bitcoin
It has a market capitalisation of around $13 billion

Why trade CFDs on Cryptocurrencies with us?

·No Commission
No extra cost for full cryptocurrency experience
Increase your market exposure with leverage up to 5
·Go long or short
Take your position in rising and falling markets
·No risk of theft

CFD trading eliminates the risk of stealing cryptocurrencies


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