Natural Gas

Natural Gas Trading

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Natural Gas Heaters and Natural Gas Power Plants

Nowadays natural gas heaters are used for many reasons, both environmental and financial. These heaters/furnaces are not expensive to maintain; they do not break down often and use the cheapest and cleanest fossil fuel available; and they work well in any home.

Natural gas power plants and how they work. One large power plant can generate enough electricity for about 200,000 homes. The incredible thing is that even the fossil fuel it burns has large amounts of energy. These natural gas power plants burn huge amounts of fuel and every bit is full of power. That power is released as heat; the heat spins a machine called a turbine, which powers a generator. Benefits include fewer impurities, less pollution, with the new technology cleaner energy is being produced, and it’s far less expensive than other fuels.

Natural Gas Price

Various factors can affect the natural gas price including:

There are different markets within the natural gas market. A spot market is when the prices represent the supply and demand on a single day. The prices can become volatile and change rapidly if there is a shortage. The futures market is determined mostly by variables on expected supply and demand for upcoming seasons. This tends to be less volatile.

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